Best dog for you

Some are key points before buying a dog breed because you will probably live with your choice for a decade or more.


Coat type


Exercise requirements

Potential genetic issues

Financial demands

Familial obligations

Dogs are intelligent sociable and affectionate creatures but size really matter. Dogs sizes can be defined as




extra large

Large and extra-large dogs like Neapolitan mastiff, Great Dane, German shepherd and Rottweiler won’t be happy without a big yard and plenty of space to roam. Some species of large dogs like golden retriever poodle will feel right at home in apartment along with many medium species of dog like dachshund, cocker spaniel, French bulldog and small species of dog ownership is that of shedding. Some long coat breeds like bichon fries, poodle and Border terrier wont shed so much and some dogs like Rhodesian ridgeback shed around the year. Some breed like Puli, Collie and Afghan hound need regular home care and professional grooming for maintenance of their thick coats.

Mental traits must be evaluated to find an ideal canine companion demands. German shepherd is energetic dog excellent for families with older children but Doberman or chowchow is not suitable for such family.

There are plenty of breeds who will share your love for sports like Weimaraner, Schnauzer, Rottweiler and Labrador retriever.

Some breeds have more health problems than others like Saint Bernard may have heart disorders, cancer or epilepsy. Pugs are terribly vulnerable to temperature, Pekingese can suffer from corneal ulceration, Lhasa Apso suffers a number of problems including skin an kidney disorders and respiratory conditions.

If you have a busy schedule or a coach potato you may go for pug, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu or Chowchow as they required least exercise but need a daily walk is a must, rather than high energy breeds like Basenji or Pitt bull need a lot of exercise n walk.

These closest human companions, no matter the breed will always acclaim a healthy amount of your attention. Some dogs like Golden retriever don’t mind if you leave them all daylong but some like Havanese, Bichon fries or Chihuahua hate to be left alone.

Caring the even smallest canine will cost thousands of rupees. Starting from purchase price leading to medical cost, grooming cost, food cost, equipment cost and training cost etc. unexpected medical problems can cost a lot sometimes.

Larger the dog breed, the cost will increase and same rule of price will apply for heavy coat and genetic health issue having dog breeds.

Old dogs need an age appropriate diet and it plays a vital role in maintaining your old buddy’s health. They need regular exercise and vet checkups. Oral care and parasite protection is very important for them than other young dogs. They need to provide special accommodation and also use pet steps or ramps. Their place must be very clean n germ free and regular grooming must be carefully done. House must be warm and there must be no slippery floors.

Least but not last make sure the dog you select is appropriate for all of your family members specially elderly and small children.